Byline Times’ Fourth Birthday Facelift

As Byline Times enters its fifth year having published over 5,000 stories by 500 journalists and writers, our daily news website is getting a bit long in the tooth, and creaking at the seams. 

As a birthday present for the site, we decided to give Byline Times a bit of a makeover. This is all done, not out to vanity, but to make our journalism easier to read, navigate and share.

Your support is always vital, and if you can help out with our Birthday Present to Byline Times, mazeltov! 

If you donate £100, we will name you as a Bronze sponsor on our homepage of our daily news site. If you can afford to donate more, £250 buys you a Silver sponsorship and £500 a Gold sponsorship. For £50 we will send you a exclusive monthly briefing from the Byline team.

Thank you.

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