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Crowdfunding campaigns

Because we’re not billionaire-backed or oligarch-funded, we frequently run crowdfunding campaigns to gather the money to cover our reporting in expensive investigations, and sometimes for specific operational costs that we think benefit our readers, free and paid.

We would rather ask more people to donate smaller amounts to support our work than be beholden to the whims of the wealthy.

Current campaigns


Byline Times and the Bylines Network want to shine a light on where the debate – and the candidates – are falling short of the basic standards that voters deserve.


We want to take the newspaper to the next level, accelerate our impact, and introduce even more readers to Byline Times’ vital work.


Campaign goal: Raise £75,000 to cover three years of work reporting on the toxic culture in the UK’s national media.

The Dan Wottoon story is much wider than his actions alone. Tom Latchem and Dan Evans, the investigative journalists behind the exposé, want to keep telling this story of media abuse.

Fourth Birthday Facelift

Campaign goal: Raise £15,000 to improve the website for readers, subscribers and even for journalists and editors.

We felt our news website was getting a bit long in the tooth, and creaking at the seams. Keen to unmix the metaphors, we wanted shorter sharper teeth on the news front, and a tighter ship for subscribers who sail with us. We’ve done most of the work now, but if you think this is an improvement for you, contributions would still be gratefully received.

Past (closed) campaigns


Campaign goal: Raise £10,000 for operational work to get Byline Times into shops and newsstands

Successful? Yes

Byline Times is now on sale in independent newsagents, high street news chains, and supermarkets up and down the land! Find one close to you.


Campaign goal: Raise £20,000 to put a Byline Times journalist in the parliamentary lobby

Successful? Yes

Adam Bienkov is now our full-time Westminster correspondent, sitting with his laptop among the literal rats in the Palace of Westminster

2022 – Byline TV platform

Campaign goal: Raise £20,000 for operational work on a subscription platform for Byline TV

Successful? Yes

2022 – Byline Intelligence Team

Campaign goal: Raise £18,000 for investigative reporting on data-driven stories

Successful? Rounds up to a Yes

2022 – keep the website free

Campaign goal: Raise £40,000 to keep the Byline Times website free (as in £0), but also free of ads and trackers, for everyone who wants to read it

Successful? Hasn’t met the target but has raised a very helpful amount

2022 – Christmas crowdfunder

Campaign goal: Raise a seasonal £20,000 for investigative reporting in 2023

Successful? No, but it’s still the most wonderful time of the year