Help Us Build a Truly Independent TV Platform

We need your help to make Byline TV strong and independent…

Over the last year, Byline TV has produced programming about issues that other news stations have ignored and reached an audience of millions of viewers. Whether it is letting those harmed by Brexit have a voice, or refugees speak up or saying what the other papers don’t say on our Friday Live show, Byline TV will always stand up for truth and never be afraid to go where other TV stations won’t.

Now it is time with your help to take it to the next stage.

To be truly independent, Byline TV needs to own its own platform. One that can never be taken away, compromised by changing algorithms, has viewers’ data scraped or is at the whim of big tech or corporate interests.

With your help, we want to build our own subscription platform like Netflix. This will give us a platform and audience that nobody else can interfere with and give us the sustainability to produce many more programmes and create more impact. Of course, we will continue to show programming on YouTube and Patreon but this gives us the opportunity to create our own platform as well.

If you already like what Byline does and would like to see Byline TV flourish and bring back the best journalism to Television please join us in rebuilding trust in TV News and current affairs. 

Please support our crowd funder and ensure that 2022 is the year that Byline TV becomes a major force in TV Journalism.

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