Byline Intelligence Team

Our new Byline Intelligence Team brings together some of the best young investigative journalists in the country, exposing scandals, wrongdoing and corruption. You can view the full portfolio of our work here.

There has never been a time when corruption and malpractice has been so prevalent – yet the big scandals of our era are in danger of going unreported.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are former journalists, and the pliant right-wing press machine has given them an easy ride. Byline Times has stood apart from the rest, holding this Government to account without fear or favour.

We have already:

  • Broken the COVID cronyism scandal, involving billions of pounds in Government contracts awarded to Conservative Party donors and associates
  • Revealed the secret plan to share your GP data – forcing the Government into a U-turn
  • Exposed Boris Johnson’s herd immunity strategy, and uncovered the dark money fuelling those demanding weaker COVID restrictions
  • Unpicked and dismantled the confected cultural war that has been stoked by Government ministers and is fuelling oligarch-owned media platforms like GB News
  • Covered the miscarriages of justice involved in the Daniel Morgan murder

The Byline Intelligence Team is run by award-winning journalist Iain Overton, and brings together some of the sharpest young investigative journalists in the UK. We want to unearth malpractice wherever it exists and deliver hard-hitting investigations that expose corruption, climate change denial, dark money, dodgy data grabs, military secrecy and overreach, and the truth about rampant inequality. 

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