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The media is in crisis. While the world goes to war and corruption pervades the corridors of power, newspapers are filled up with fact-free gossip and political propaganda.

In fact, it has now been confirmed that the Government gave millions in “bungs” to newspapers during the pandemic – a story first exposed by Byline Times

That is why we set up the Byline Intelligence Team last year – to inject a shot of truth and knowledge into a media climate dominated by hyperbole, nepotism, and nonsense. 

Last year, your generous donations helped to launch this groundbreaking project – pledging to unearth malpractice wherever it exists. Thank you. 

In the eight months since we launched, your support has helped to reveal:

This sort of investigative reporting usually costs hundreds of thousands of pounds – but thanks to you we’ve managed to do it on a shoestring. 

However, to carry on our essential reporting, we urgently need your help. 

Can you show your support for independent, investigative reporting again today and help reach our target of £25,000, to fund our work for the next six months?

Your support today will mean that the Byline Intelligence Team can keep holding the Government and the establishment to account. You will be helping to expose corruption, Russian interference, climate change denial, dark money, dodgy data grabs, military secrecy and overreach, and the truth about rampant inequality. 

Please chip in today. Your donation will fund truly independent journalism that reports the truth without fear or favour. Thank you.

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