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The cost of living crisis mustn’t become a crisis of democracy. We believe that access to independent news and fearless investigative journalism should be a public right, especially when people cannot afford to subscribe to our print edition.

Our daily news site is unique: it has not only published over 4,000 stories by over 400 writers exposing scandals like COVID contract corruption, the Government’s intention to sell your GP data, public funding for Conservative constituencies, Russian disinformation, and Boris Johnson’s bungs to media moguls – it is also the only news site we know of which doesn’t have a paywall, doesn’t monetise its users’ data through analytics or cookies, and doesn’t carry advertising.

Help us keep the news free from fear, favour, paywalls, data collection and ads – and help us to hold the Government to account on rising poverty, its failures to address the cost of living crisis, and its flailing ‘levelling up’ project.

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