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UPDATE: #MEDIATOO – PHASE TWO. Given the volume of information and people coming forward with evidence, both in this case of apparent media abuse and others, the whole Byline Times team is working on extending our coverage for the year ahead. Your contribution will help us continue this vital work.

“We are Tom Latchem and Dan Evans, the investigative journalists who finally broke the Dan Wootton scandal on Byline Times.

This story was the result of a special three-year investigation into one of TV’s most powerful presenters. But it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we believe must be exposed in the public interest. 

We have a number of other stories that reveal unscrupulous actions from people within the national news media. Despite being fully aware of the allegations (because we put the story to some of the biggest names in journalism), the established press decided not to report on the shocking findings from within its own ranks – until Byline Times put its head above the parapet. We all need to ask ourselves: why?

But the Dan Wottoon story goes much wider than the actions of him alone. It is a story about the toxic culture of the national media itself. And we want to keep telling this story.”

As for legal threats, we have set up a ring-fenced legal fighting fund at Crowdjustice.

If you, like us, believe this is a story worth Byline Times following, please do contribute whatever you can to keep it going. All donations to #MediaToo #PhaseTwo will go directly to funding our continuing journalism.

Byline Times has no oligarchs, adverts or subsidies. Our work is paid for by our readers. Independent, investigative journalism – outside of the system. This is why we can bring you the story the other papers won’t.

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