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When we launched Byline Times five years ago, we aimed to break through the insidious influence the press barons still exert over the UK’s established press. Often following their own private interests, in a cosy relationship with our politicians, Byline Times has brought a new type of newspaper to the media landscape in an industry increasingly bereft of public interest investigation and drowning in Big Tech-driven clickbait.

In a short time, Byline Times has broken new ground for an independent, reader-funded publication. Our work has been cited by parliamentary committees, been developed by mainstream news outlets, and revealed issues other outlets refuse to touch. With your help, our monthly print newspaper now has a circulation of 50,000 and we are stocked in every major supermarket. 

Now we want to take the newspaper to the next level, accelerate our impact, and introduce even more readers to Byline Times’ vital work.

With nearly half of the world’s population heading to the polls this year, democracy has never been more precious and real journalism never more important. We need to help tackle the cynical media monopoly all too often ignoring the real issues of our times and weaponising them into divisive ‘culture wars’.

That’s why we are dedicating our 5th Birthday Crowdfunder to raising money to promote Byline Times to a bigger audience. You’ve helped us build our reputation by word of mouth, but to get to the next stage, we need to invest in getting our message out there to a circulation of 100,000 and then 250,000, and more than 500,000!

Please help us if you can. Every penny will go towards funding independent investigative journalism in the public interest. 

Help build a better media. Invest in a real paper.