For the last 18 months, you have helped Byline Times repeatedly expose stories of Government corruption, sleaze and wrongdoing. Thanks to readers, donors and subscribers like you, we have revealed facts that ministers sought to keep hidden, and have changed the national conversation.

Your ongoing support means we can now announce the appointment of experienced lobby journalist Adam Bienkov as our Westminster Correspondent. Adam will work in the heart of Westminster, representing Byline Times at press briefings and acting as your fearless representative in the corridors of power.

However, we’re only able to employ Adam on a part-time basis currently. We urgently need your help to fund his role full-time so we can make sure that Byline Times can hold the powerful to account every single day.

For too long, this Government has been able to get away with gaming the system. It’s time we all took a stand – and ensured that ministers have nowhere to hide.

Raising £20,000 will enable us to make Adam full time. Your support will make all the difference.

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