The Little Black Book of Artificial Intelligence (SIGNED COPY)



How Big Tech is Making Humanity Redundant

Why are the CEOs of the world’s biggest AI companies calling their own technology an existential threat? Artificial intelligence (AI) – when a computer is capable of doing stuff that intelligent beings like humans can do – exploded into the public consciousness in November 2022, when OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 was made public. Suddenly, we were hearing about how AI could bring about the imminent end of humanity. A concept that goes back to the time of ancient Greece, there have been more AI advances in 2023 than in the entire history of artificial intelligence, and they’re not all for the better.

How did things progress so quickly? Is this time different, or will the tech billionaires become the world’s first trillionaires by prioritising profit at the expense of the greater good? The Little Black Book of Artificial Intelligence offers a gateway to understanding these seemingly complex ideas, their upsides and their risks while offering an urgent call to action, before it’s too late.

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Kyle Taylor is the creator of the Little Black Book series. The Little Black Book of Artificial Intelligence is his fifth book and the fourth in the Little Black Book series.

Kyle is the founder of Fair Vote UK and a leading campaigner on election integrity and digital democracy issues, including regulation of social media and artificial intelligence. He has advised governments and campaigners around the world on these issues. He is the former campaign director and chief of staff to a UK government minister and has worked on half a dozen election campaigns in the UK and the USA, including the 2016 US Presidential Campaign.

He is a graduate of American University and the London School of Economics. Kyle is currently a visiting Fellow at the Peace Centre in Tokyo, Japan where his work is focused on the impact of social media and artificial intelligence on human rights and democratic systems.



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