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Although politicians, policy-makers and our subscribers all know Byline Times well, the general public doesn’t. That’s because you don’t see it on the news-stands and in the shops. We need to stop being the best kept secret in journalism.

To grow big enough to have a bigger impact we need to be there, but a proper retail launch costs money to promote and support so we can convince the major outlets to stock us.

We are working with a distributor to make this happen with a November but we do need to help to raise £10,000 for our crowd-funder to make this happen.

We have already had a great impact in breaking and pursuing the PPE scandal which is now widely recognised, reversing the Government’s decision to sell our GP data, calling out Johnson’s lies before anyone else – but we can achieve so much more if we have greater public awareness and support. It is time this Government and future Governments were held properly to account by the Press and with your help we can.

Please help us get into the shops, on to the news-stands and make waves the way only we can.