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As a year of Government cutbacks, strikes, and a crippling cost of living crisis approaches, on-the-ground journalism has never been more important.

Make no mistake: Britain is on the edge. Millions of people will freeze and starve in one of the world’s richest countries. This is all going to come to a head next year. What will happen to the most vulnerable? How will the Government excuse its lack of support? What solutions will be offered by opposition parties? What have we become as a country? And how can we bring Britain back from the edge?

These are all questions that we will be tackling in the year ahead.

It will be our mission in 2023 once again to hold those in power to account. And, to do so, we’re asking for your help – by contributing to our Christmas crowdfunding campaign.

We are trying to fund a new reporter who will expose the human stories behind the brutal cuts afflicting both households and our public services. This reporter will give a voice to the marginalised – exposing the everyday issues caused by austerity and finding inspiring stories of communities that are helping the most vulnerable in these difficult times.

Our target is £20,000, which will go a long way towards funding a new reporter and ensuring that we can tell the stories that the other papers are missing – making sure everybody knows the true extent of the crisis, brought about by this Government’s policies. The faces may change at the top, but the ideology of inequality perseveres in the heart of power.

If you donate £100, we will name you as a Bronze sponsor on our homepage of our daily news site. If you can afford to donate more, £250 buys you a Silver sponsorship and £500 a Gold sponsorship. For £50 we’ll send two six-monthly newsletters with on the ground reporting

A huge thank you to our news site sponsors so far…